Wet and dry hire

Earthmoving equipment hire in Mackay

Get the job done right with our comprehensive earthmoving equipment

State-of-the art earthmoving equipment and skilled operators for big and small jobs across Central Queensland.

With a reputation for providing quality machinery and experienced operators, we have the right expertise and skills to complete your projects safely and efficiently.

Our range includes a wide array of specialised tools to tackle many earthmoving tasks. From excavators and dozers to augers, rock breakers and brooms, we can clear and shape the land, drill deep holes, lift heavy loads, remove debris, provide heavy haulage and more.

We have the versatility and capability to handle both small earthworks projects and large civil constructions. Because we own our machines, we have more flexibility to schedule jobs to suit your project needs and timelines.

With skilled operators, well-maintained equipment and the latest in precision GPS technology, we deliver exceptional results, no matter the complexity or scale of your project.

Invests in the right equipment for the job

“Riley knows his gear and how it all works. He also invests in the right attachments and equipment to make it easier to do the job properly. Using the GPS removed the need for a grade checker and survey, saving us time and money in delivering a quality job.”

Todd Robson
QLD Complete Contracting Services (QCCS)
Skilled Operators

Skilled operators

With our wet-hire machines, you get the advantage of our skilled operators. Our crew know how to operate our machines and how to get the best performance from them. With their precision and proficiency, they maximise productivity and deliver the results you need for your earthworks plans.

With our team, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your project is in capable hands, so you can focus on other important aspects of your construction project.

Cutting-edge technology

We’ve invested heavily in cutting-edge Trimble GPS machine guidance technology. This sets us far apart from our competitors. With a full kit including base stations and surveying systems, we bring increased efficiency to our work.

Our machine guidance systems mean we can deliver accuracy and optimal results. If you want time-saving precision, come to us to enjoy the benefits of our state-of-the-art 3D GPS technology.

Earthmoving Equipment technology
Well maintained earthmoving equipment

Quality, well-maintained machines

Our diverse fleet of equipment is meticulously maintained and regularly upgraded so you won’t have to worry about anything breaking down on the job. Offering high-powered performance, versatility and durability our machines give us the capability to tackle projects of any scale and complexity.

For exceptional results that exceed your expectations, come to All Surface Civil for reliable equipment and hardworking operators.

A one-stop shop with everything we needed

“Our property needed more than just a guy with a small digger and a small truck. We needed a variety of equipment, but it would have been a headache for me to approach a bunch of bigger companies to bring in what we needed. With All Surface Civil, we got a one-stop shop with everything we needed. And because Riley owns his equipment, he can shuffle his machinery around to meet the job’s needs.”

Tim Barron
Property owner

Wet and dry hire

Excavator hire in Mackay

6-tonne to 35 tonne excavators

Diggers to get the job done for bulk earthworks, final trim earthworks, land clearing, demolition, pipe installation, and more. Our powerful excavators deliver reliability, versatility and outstanding performance. From road construction to railway bridges to land clearing and property improvements, our reliable diggers are ideal for a wide range of earthworks tasks.

Accessories and attachments can include*:



Compaction wheels

GPS technology

Power tilting heads

Power tilting heads

Tree grabs

Trenching buckets

Trenching buckets

*Attachment availability depends on the size of digger.

Wet and dry hire

D6 and D9 dozers for hire in Mackay

Our heavy-duty medium to large dozers deliver efficiency and power to tackle bulk earthworks, final trim, land clearing, dam building, demolition and more. With versatility and the ability to handle diverse terrains, our dozers will help you get the job done right.

Wet and dry hire

Graders for hire in Mackay

Graders for road construction and final trim earthworks. Perfect for roads, driveways, hardstands and more.

Our graders include GPS technology and Universal Total Stations (UTS).

Wet hire only

100HP Posi-track for hire in Mackay

Perfect for road construction, site preparation, land clearing, final trim earthworks and more.

4-in-1 bucket

Spreader bar

150mm auger

300mm auger

450mm auger

600mm auger

Trencher – 150, 300

Schibeci 1m stabiliser

Wet hire only

Tractor for hire in Mackay

New Holland T7.225

A new-generation tractor brimming with state-of-the-art technology, innovation and power.

Perfect for slashing, ploughing, seeding, vegetation management, land rehabilitation and more.

Speed tiller

Gypsum belt spreader


Firefighting attachment

Wet hire only

Heavy haulage for hire in Mackay

Float hire

Our heavy haulage options include:

Quad-axle float up to 37 tonnes

Tipper hire

Able to carry bulk heavy loads for road construction, demolition and delivering materials to site.

Water truck hire

Available for bulk water haulage and use in civil construction dust suppression.

Competent and diligent operators

“Riley’s crew are very competent and diligent operators. We got full productivity out of the machines at all times. You really get your pound of flesh and value for money with those guys.”

Marty Albert
Kent Hire

Ready to get the right equipment and operators for your project. Get in touch today.